Aeroponic System

  • New Aeroponic Plants! - I cleaned and sanitized the entire aeroponic system with a diluted bleach solutionĀ in preparation for new plants. I will be using this system for clones as well so complete sanitation is extra crucial. I stabilized the 10 gallon reservoir with a pH of 6.2, 1024 ppm and average water temperature of 72F. These plants are … Continue reading New Aeroponic Plants!
  • Aeroponic System Update - Final update of this aeroponic crop. I will be replacing these with a combination of seedlings that I grew indoors and clones from the aeroponic basil in the top right net cup. Overall, I have nothing but great things to say about the results produced by aeroponics – clean, strong roots, sturdy stems and great … Continue reading Aeroponic System Update
  • Aeroponic System Update - I have been so pleasantly surprised by both the quality and speed of growth provided by the aeroponic system. All the plants and roots are extremely happy and healthy. Not to mention tasty, too! Green Onion Stabor Kale Butterhead Lettuce Sweet Basil White, healthy and happy roots! Click here to view all posts for the … Continue reading Aeroponic System Update
  • New Microscope! - Today is my birthday and I received the coolest gift from my parents! This beauty will give me up to 2000x magnification and also allows me to do oil immersion – so excited to use this for all my projects and take my plant care to the next level! Healthy chloroplasts in Starbor Kale leaf. … Continue reading New Microscope!
  • Aeroponic System Update - Sweet Basil Romaine Lettuce Starbor Kale Butterhead Lettuce Click here to view all posts for the aeroponic system!
  • Starbor Kale - We have plants! Starbor Kale does well in a cooler climate and part sun which is exactly what I have in my office. This particular kale was harvested from the hydroponic greenhouse so I think it will adjust very well. I also brought home young chive and parsley that I will be planting tomorrow. Excited!
  • Reservoir Oxygenation - I am currently using a dual outlet 100 gph air pump to oxygenate my two reservoirs. The aeroponic system has a 10 gallons of nutrient solution while the DWC has 2 gallons of nutrient solution. I am using two 3″ air stone bars in my aeroponic system and one 3″ bar in the DWC. I … Continue reading Reservoir Oxygenation
  • Aeroponic system is complete! - My aeroponic system is assembled and ready for plants! I’m just waiting on my TDS meter to arrive so I can get a base ppm on our water before purchasing nutrients. If the base ppm is over 200 then I will be using nutrients specific for hard water. The base pH value is 9.02 – … Continue reading Aeroponic system is complete!
  • Build Details for Aeroponic System - A simple aeroponic system easily made at home using a 27 gallon container. I constructed a basic spray frame using 1/2" PVC pipe, tees and elbows. The measurements for this container are 30.5"x 20.5"x 14".