New Seedlings!

I planted five new seedlings today for all of my systems. I wanted to grow from seed to avoid shock from being transplanted from outside to my indoor grow room. I chose Bloomdale Long Standing Spinach, Sweet Basil, Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Single Italian Flat Parsley and Evergreen Bunching Onion. I will be using a red/blue LED grow light over the seedlings until they are large enough to transplant to my other systems.

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New Microscope!

Today is my birthday and I received the coolest gift from my parents! This beauty will give me up to 2000x magnification and also allows me to do oil immersion – so excited to use this for all my projects and take my plant care to the next level!

Healthy chloroplasts in Starbor Kale leaf.


Personal N.F.T. System

Here is the blueprint for a custom N.F.T. system that will fit in front of a window or in any small space. It utilizes 4″ PVC pipes and measures 24″ wide, 42.4″ deep and 42.4″ tall. If you follow the measurements of this design each of your rails will be at an optimal 4.76 degree decline.